Steve specializes in informal portraits taken in natural light, using the available light to sculpt the subject to the best advantage. Drawing on years of experience, real skill with the camera and a genuine interest in people, Steve can make images that show people at their very best. The best environment is the home where things are familiar and everyone is comfortable. Your home environment is part of you and records of it will be treasured in years to come.

Sessions often begin with 'action' shots, as they can help to 'break the ice' and create a relaxed atmosphere. The final pictures are usually a result of suggestions from both sides and are always unique. A spontaneous picture taken during a fun session has the sparkle in the eye that will make the image a lasting pleasure. That is what Steve strives to achieve.



Steve McCarthy Photography offers a personalized service to deliver outstanding results that enrich your home or make wonderful gifts. Steve’s relaxed and flexible style in the shoot produces photographs that have a spontaneity sometimes found lacking in studio portraits. After the shoot, Steve spends a considerable time working on the images. This attention to detail ensures that the photograph is more than a high quality visual image of the subject; it is a record of the person, their character and mood; it captures the essence and atmosphere of the person and situation and the interaction between all family members.



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