Steve McCarthy Photography: Blog en-us All images on this website are subject to Copyright (C) by Steve McCarthy (C) 2018 (Steve McCarthy Photography) Mon, 04 Dec 2017 22:42:00 GMT Mon, 04 Dec 2017 22:42:00 GMT Steve McCarthy Photography: Blog 120 116 Camera Club, Football & Stuff Have you ever seen the BBC series, The Detectorists? It's a comedy series about a local metal detecting club starry Mackenzie Crook of The Office fame. Anyway, it's a comic look at the goings on of a local club and all the mad stuff that happens. I'm living that program at my local camera club. It's mad. This week we've had tantrums over a questionaire sent out to members to find out what they want from the club, by the secretary. Following the email we've had the Programme secretary threaten to quit, followed by his wife, the Print secretary threatening to quit, then the secretary who sent the questionaire quit, closely followed by the Chairman quitting, and as a committee member i get copied in on all the emails. It's been an entertaining few days. A friend thinks this could make an excellent fly-on-the-wall documentary. I think i agree. 

It seems to be sorting itself out now and some of the members have changed their minds and not quit but this weeks photoshoot evening on Thursday should be interesting. :-)

Away from that and onto football, after watching Bradford Town FC win 4-0 on Saturday in the FA Vase, they were drawn today against Newport on the Isle of Wight in an away tie. So a glamour trip to the good old IOW could be on the cards for me. Following on from that, the FA Cup 3rd round draw took place earlier as well and sees my beloved Leeds United drawn against Newport County. So my two teams have both been drawn against a team call Newport. Weird.. :-)

I didn't have a pic of the Isle of Wight, so you'll have to make do with one from my Cornwall trip earlier this year.. :-)

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Bradford Town FC This season I've had the honour of being club photographer from Bradford Town FC and what a great club they are.

I started out at the start of the season with next to no experience of photographing football matches, but i've loved the game all my life so i figured i would try to put together my love of photography and my love of football. I contacted a few local clubs and got a few invitations to go along to games. Amongst these was Bradford Town FC and their Chariman Mark Hodkinson. My first game for them was an FA Cup tie against local rivals Odd Down FC which they lost but as soon as i turned up to the ground all the staff were so welcoming and helpful.

I've photographed other local teams, one or two at higher levels but i haven't found another club yet with the "family" atmosphere as Bradford. Thank you to all at the club for making me feel welcome. In particular, the chairman, Mark Hodkinson, the secretary, Richard Tucker, the manager, Danny Greaves, all the players, and the guys on the front gate. You're all awesome.. :-)

I've since been to a few more games for them and so far, with the exception of that first one, they remain unbeaten in the games i've photographed. It's looking to be a good season for them. 

Even though it's tough photographing games under floodlights, today's game against Team Solent FC in the FA Vase was a high point with some quality goals going in during the teams 4-0 win.

Good luck for the rest of the season!

New signing Peter Shepherd celebrates after curling in a sweet free kick...



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Bath half... Apart from photography, which is my great passion, i also enjoy a bit of fitness training. Whether it be in the gym, with a personal trainer, or training fro a run. The trouble is, i am a bit on the large side and struggle constantly with the odd injury.

But, i have signed up to run the Bath half marathon next year so really need to do some training. To that end, today i went and had my stride analysed and found that i need trainers with more support. Luckily the shop had a pair, in my size, that were in the sale, massively reduced. Result... 

Now if i can just sort my dodgy knee out, training will commence!

(p.s. this isn't me! :-) )


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My new blog... Hello.. so, someone suggested to me recently that it would be a good idea to add a blog to my website. 

So here goes with my first post and hopefully over time you might get to know me and what i do and what i like... :-)

So, looking forward to the weekend and a return to Bradford Town FC to take some action shots of their match against Team Solent in the 3rd round of the FA Vase. 

Before that I have a camera club print competition to prepare for so will send the rest of this evening selecting and printing my images. I'm not doing so well in the comps this year after my 2nd place last year so i need to up my game.  

I should probably also chat a bit about my trip to Langford Lakes yesterday as well. One of my favourite types of photography is nature. But it's tough. At Langford Lakes they have a few hides where you can sit and watch the birds. My favourite one is the second one along the path where there is a bird table with feeders, and yesterday it full of the little blighters. It's so relaxing there, i could quite easily just sit and watch but since i had my camera with me i took a few pics... 






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